Employee of the Month

Every month one of our therapists is recognized as employee of the month. Check them out below!

Employee of the Month – October

Carlie-Ann is ABC's Employee of the Month! Carlie-Ann is new to ABC, but has become an asset on all the teams she is a part of.  She has caught on to ABA quickly, follows behavior plans impeccably and upholds high standards of treatment implementation.  Carlie-Ann's enthusiasm motivates her client's to achieve their goals and reach their maximum potential.

Employee of the Month – September

Shannon is ABC's Employee of the Month! Shannon keeps her teams, team managers and families updated on a steady basis.  She is covering sessions wherever needed and is doing a great job training new therapists efficiently.  She has been implementing Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) effectively. She does not hesitate to reach out with questions regarding programs and PCIT training for her teams.  Shannon started her graduate program this Fall, pursing her BCBA, and we are excited to watch her continue to succeed!

Employee of the Month – August

Nichole is ABC's Employee of the Month! Nichole has done an amazing job adapting to her new teams.  She comes up with creative ways to individualize targets for each client and is very inventive with new programs to implement.  She is both a dependable and reliable employee.  She drives to various areas ABC serves without complaining, no matter the distance.  She previously worked as a BCBA in a school setting, which makes her an IEP master and great school advocate.  She is not only awesome with our clients, but the parents love her as well.  We are delighted to have Nichole as our newest BCBA.

Employee of the Month – July

Kassy is ABC's Employee of the Month! Kassy smoothly transitioned from RBT to Team lead this Summer. She has done a great job communicating with the therapists on her teams, posting both protocols and updating them regularly.  She keeps both parents and supervisors informed of important information and schedule changes.  She has been picking up sessions to help train as we transitioned from Spring schedule to Summer.  Thank you for always having such a positive attitude Kassy!

Employee of the Month – June

Kim is ABC's Employee of the Month! Kim is the perfect example of a dedicated employee. She travels near and far to work and picks up as many substitute sessions as needed. She is always giving a helping hand. In May, Kim covered 14 hours of substitute sessions and never once complained! She always has a positive attitude and the kids and parents she works with truly love her company. We are glad to have Kim on team ABC!

Employee of the Month – May

Emily is ABC's Employee of the Month! Emily has been selected as employee of the month!  Emily is one of our team managers who has a strong clinical background in ABA. She is currently finishing her Master's degree in Marriage and Family counseling and is able to apply her strong foundation of behavioral philosophies and years of experience with her knowledge in family dynamics and counseling. This academic and clinical combination of skills and expertise has made Emily a huge asset to our company.  Being able to provide high-quality direct treatment to the children we work with while also having a deep understanding of family relationships has made Emily an expert in parent training and parent-child interaction intervention strategies, which is a huge component of what we do. Thank you, Emily, for your hard work and dedication! Our families are so lucky to have you on their team.